Review: Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at si Ako (MMFF 2012)

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My second MMFF movie! :) Told you I plan to watch as many as I can.

My college bestfriends and some plus plus decided to have our get together at Robinson’s Ermita. We did bowling (they did bowling actually, I took pictures and had my outfit shots) and then coffee and then of course the movie.

I was begging them to watch Thy Womb with me but they all refused. Grabe naman! Noranian kaya kami, they totally forgot na. Hahahaha.. Jerellt wants a funny movie so our only option is Enteng or Sisterakas. Told them I can’t watch Sisterakas because I am scheduled to watch it with my siblings. Di ako pwedeng umulit. Nagtitipid nga ako eh.

So we ended up watching Enteng. All of us adores Ryzza anyway.

So how’s the movie you ask? It was of course FUN! Galing galing ni Ryzza. She is the cutest thing ever! And very funny. That kid is a child wonder I’m telling you. I’m just sad she didn’t do the cha-cha. Nag-expect pa naman kami ni Joie. @_@

Vic Sotto’s charm and funny antics are just epic. His comedic style is very predictable already but I still find it funny. Sabi nga ni Jerellt, yung dapa scene nya sobrang luma na, ini-expect mo na nga pero matatawa ka padin! He is such a charmer.

The movie is fun. Don’t expect wonderful story plot or exceptional cinematography of course because you’ll be disappointed. But if you want a good laugh, this one is really for you. Because all of us are really laughing our pants out the entire time we are watching. Or maybe mababaw lang talaga ang kaligayahan namin? But who cares? We must learn to laugh everything out. Hindi ka Pinoy kung hindi mababaw ang kaligayahan mo!

Go people! Watch it! Suportahan ang lahat ng MMFF movies.

And oh! Baka naman may gustong manood ng Thy Womb dyan before they pull it out of the cinema. Please baby please! Thank you!




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