Sky Cable Internet Review (I am in Hell with Sky)

I really don’t want to rant on my blog anymore. I want to make my site a happy place. BUT my recent experience on my internet provider is something I must publish. I.WILL.NOT.LET.IT.PASS.

I am a happy Destiny Cable Internet subscriber. Though I have unlimited mobile internet and a Hotspot capable phone, I really believe that I also need my internet at home. Being a blogger and a social network addict, it is included on my basic needs. Well, I know all of you guys agree that internet connection has become a necessity nowadays.

Almost a week ago, I woke up with no internet connection at home. I never had issues with my Destiny Cable Internet before aside from the very seldom down time I’ve experienced which only lasted for a couple of hours and that one time when my connection was down for a day but after an email sent to Destiny Cable’s sales team, they gave me the assistance I need and fixed my issue (I know its not the correct department but that’s the only way I know to contact them. Hehehe).

And then I got a mail from Sky Cable telling me that the Destiny is now part of their family. Initially I thought its great since Sky Cable is more stable and they have a website, a twitter account and a CS hotline for crying out loud. Oh boy I am so wrong!

If you do follow me on twitter, you’ll know that I have been ranting my internet connection issue for almost a week now. Their twitter account has taken ages in replying to my inquiry and has not been very helpful at all. The thing is, I saw a celebrity tweet them regarding his issue and they answered him right away! Wow! May favoritism pa sila. Ang alam ko, pare-pareho ang rate namin kaya dapat kung nagagawa nilang sagutin ang celebrity, dapat siguro magagawa nilang sagutin din ako. They only answered me when I actually replied to that celeb’s tweet and mentioned my concern. Gosh! #DukhaProblems

But the thing that really pissed me off is their email people. My first email was answered after 3days and 2 follow ups. Their answer is below.


Ok! That answer really got me nowhere. Anyway, I still tried to reach them. I called their hotline and was told to call another number which according to them is the Destiny Hotline. Well, hotline nga sya kasi isang oras akong tumatawag ng walang tigil pero busy tone lang ang napapala ko. I wasted 1 precious hour. For someone who works in the IT industry like me, that 1 hour meant a lifetime.

Then I received another email from them which again got me nowhere.


By that time, kumukulo na ang dugo ko at nagsasawa na ko sa Greetings from SKY! (na parang hell naman para sa akin) at sa Thank you for blah blah. I mean, no turn around time, no other contact number was given to me. Not even an issue number or tracking number or whatever proof that they are indeed reading my email and not sending me an auto-reply or a copy-and-paste reply. Nothing really. They are not even telling me why my internet was down. As in NOTHING!

Then just a few hours ago, I got below email. Dapat sana yan ang una nilang sinagot sa akin. Not after almost 1 week! And again, no details. Ni wala manlang empathy statement. Do you guys agree na para syang copy paste from their list of formatted email? According to the bill statement I got from them, I can send an email if I have any concern. Well, wala nga namang sinabi na may gagawin sila sa concern ko. Sorry naman! Mali ako ng intindi. *insertsarcasticsmilehere*


Anyway, I am cutting my service and is now looking for another ISP. I hope a better one.

I have said this a thousand times already and I won’t get tired saying it over and over – IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I stayed with a certain provider for 3yrs simply because of their great CS people. Though reaching an agent to talk to would take 48yrs, the wait is so worth it. The CS people are all nice. Anyway, I don’t need to call often because their twitter account is so fast in replying! I mean, they don’t always fix my issue right away but they sure try to make me feel that they do attend to my issue.

I hope this blog would reach the Sky Cable Corp. management. Do something about your CS people please. I tweeted about my issues and I got a lot of replies from my followers who share the same sentiments. It must mean something.

I am blogging about my experience in the hopes that someone won’t encounter the same thing. I don’t want others to suffer and to experience the same inconvenience and not to mention the hassle. Lakas makasira ng araw ng mga nangyayaring to. I don’t deserve this kind of treatment. No paying customer deserves this kind of treatment at all.

This is crap. A whole lot of crap.

Anyway, ayoko na. Suko na ako at lilipat na ako sa ibang provider. Ayoko ng ma-haggard at mapagod. Ayoko na ding mainis dahil wala namang magandang naidudulot sa akin. Oh well!


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