Mini Cape :)


The moment I saw this top, my jaw literally dropped. Isn’t gorgeous?! If only I have Miranda Kerr’s body I’d wear this sans the cami. Isn’t it so perfect? Low neckline, cape-like collar, double-breasted and most of all – Sheer! Sexy much!!



But since I’m no Miranda and I’m at the corporate world, I dressed appropriately hence the nude cami. I wear a nude cami just so I could still highlight the details of my top. Imagine wearing this with a black cami and it’ll look totally different.


Also note that I just pulled my skirt up a little before taking my outfit shots because I think the look and my heels are so much better with shorter skirt. I am wearing the skirt in its normal length while at work. We all know how corporate dress codes are. It is always better to follow them right?



I am again wearing a bodycon skirt in a yummy shade of blue and purple. I love this skirt’s print. It sure adds color and fun to my overall look. We don’t want to look too dull right?!


Again, minimal accessories because I want all attention to focus on my look. The top and the cutie skirt. I don’t want to put so much clatter since the skirt’s print is already loud.


I really love mini skirts and stiletto! They are a deadly combination if worn right. They could really make you look sexy and tall. I hate that these pics turned out grainy. :’(



Parang ang haba lang ng legs ko! At parang ang tangkad ko lang. The power of my 4inch heels!!!



IMG_5645Black Sheer Top: Random from the US | Skirt: Landmark | Heels: Gibi Collection | Nude Cami: Landmark | Earrings: Random | Bangles: (Red and Gold) from Japan and (Animal Print) Random

And of course, I just have to show you my mini-cape. My top is actually a sleeveless sheer top with a cape-like collar. You could actually adjust the “cape” if you wanna show some more skin (which I obviously opted not to). Told you its gorgeous!

What do you guys think?!




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