Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012)

We catched this film on iMax. Oo! Dinayo talaga namin ang SM North Edsa to see the epic finale on that humongous screen.

I am not actually a big fan of the Twilight saga. Both the book and the first film. However, G.p is such a fan and I have learned to love it. Well, maybe we could also add the fact that the first Twilight film I saw on the big screen is New Moon where Jacob first showcased his abs (I think!). Ang hirap lang makalimutan yung mga ganong eksena eh.


Watching the film made me realize that I really didn’t like the book at all because I can’t remember a single thing! I swear. I’ve already read it but I can’t remember any details. Well I guess its great since I was so awed by the twists and turns and everything in between.

Twilight is my only exception to the rule. I liked the movies waaaay better than the books. And I am not saying this because of Jacob’s abs okay?! :) The movies are really so much better. Kumbaga, mas tumatatak ang pelikula kesa sa mga libro. Something very unusual for me because I tend to forget movies easily but retains the books.


And who could forget Renesme?! She is so so pretty! You agree? Though the effects they did on the baby Renesme and the kid Renesme is soooo poor. aM easily noticed it right away. What happened Twilight guys?! Poor effects.. So sad!

Anyway, all the actors are so great here. K-stew is so so so gorgeous! I just can’t help but stare at her. And Edward is so hot I can’t believe K-stew did that “cheating thing” to him. If he is my boyfriend, I would definitely be so loyal and so faithful I won’t even have time looking at other guys! Except Jacob maybe. Hahahaha.. Sorry but abs are really my weakness!


Can you tell how giddy I am just “holding” Jacob’s hands? Hahahahahha..

Alright! I know this post is sooooo far from a review and I have been babbling about my love for Jacob endlessly. Sorry!

Going back to my review, I love love love it. The film has that enough spice and angst and the twist is very good. I just hope they have Jacob fight scenes as a human and not as a wolf but I guess I can’t do anything about that. The actors are all so great. RobPat show his funny side which is so cool I can’t help but smile.

We all know you’d watch it no matter what I say so I’d just let you enjoy every single bit of it. Alright?! :)

Have fun guys! No more Twilight and no more Harry Potters. :’( We only have Hunger Games now and well, that 50 Shades Trilogy of course. Can’t wait!




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