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I know that I posted the sneak peek of this outfit ages ago. I’m sorry that I get to blog this only now. Too many backlogs, too little time. I hope I can spend a week or two just blogging, editing pics and posting them. I think I also need an entire week to fix up my hard drive and sort everything. Arrrggghhh.. My file is a mess right now. With my phone and lappy and camera! I have this habit of just creating folders after folders and I sometimes forget they even existed. Take my travel blogs as an example. Oh! It took me ages to finish my Bohol post. And I still have Baler and Ilocos to blog about. Hahahahaa… I am soooo lame I know. :)

Anyway, my blog title is my current LSS. It is a song from my favorite The Voice contestant from season 1 – Vicci Martinez. (I know! That proves how lame I am! The Voice is running on its 3rd season now and I just finished season 1. Hahahaha.. Loser!) I love Vicci so much. Her style, her voice, everything about her – me likey!

And now back to the outfit post! Oh really! I am blabbing non-stop, I can’t believe it. Bear with me please. I miss blogging so much that’s why I am so out of focus. Hahahaha…

Alright, I’ve had this pink dress for ages. It is super body hugging so during my “chubbyness period” I hide it at the very back of my closet because I honestly look like a sack of rice when I wear it. I am honest and yes! Nilalait ko ang sarili ko. Actually, ako ang unang nanlalait pag pangit ako. So to my hater (na idedemanda ko thanks to the cybercrime law), I don’t need you! Hahahaha…

But thanks to this uber cute vest because now I can wear the dress even during my chubby days. The vest perfectly hides my layers of baby fats that my body-hugging dress surely reveals. The vest also made it possible for me to wear the dress at work without worrying if I look too revealing. AND it adds to the cuteness of my look. Do you agree? :)

Don’t you just love the details of the vest? Those uber cute laces and the embroidered flowers (yes! those white ones are embroidered flowers). Very girly and instant glam. I also wear very minimal accessories because I think the dress + vest combo is enough.

blog4blog1blog2blog3Pink Dress: Vintage | Black Vest: G.p’s | Sandals: gift from Mila


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