Review: The Old Spaghetti House (Robinsons Otis)

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I wanted to dine here for ages now but I don’t know why I wasn’t able to try it. To think that they have a branch in Robinson’s Otis which is like one tumbling and half kembot away from my house.

So while in Robinson’s Otis I dragged G.p to TOSH for lunch. :)

G.p got a Supreme Pizza and ditched off the pasta. :) I must say that their pizza is nothing special. :’( I love the thin crust and the weird shape but everything else is a blah! It’s kinda oily and a little too salty. Really not my type.

from s3 924Supreme Pizza (Php 250)

And since I’m uber hungry, I went for their rice meal. I totally forgot what I ordered. :-S Though you can see it on the picture below. All I know is that I also didn’t like it. :( There is nothing special on the food really. I was so disappointed.

But well, I don’t really know why we didn’t their Spaghetti when in fact it is the old spaghetti house. Maybe next time?! Though that’ll probably be later rather than sooner since we both didn’t like what we had. Hahaha..

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**My meal which I totally forgot.
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**The interiors! The only thing I liked about the place. It’s so cozy and posh. But I really didn’t like the food.

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