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After visiting my doctor at The Medical City in SM City Manila, G.p and I decided to have lunch at Kung Fu Kitchen: Feast of Fury. I haven’t heard of the resto before so I was kinda excited to try it out. Apparently, after doing some research, the SM Manila branch is their first and only branch but they do have plans on opening up other branches. They better do because I totally loved this resto. :)


We greeted by this life-sized statue of I-don’t-know-what upon entering the place. I was kinda freaked out at first but I kinda liked it when I got the hang of it. It is actually a nice décor if you think about it. Very unique and artsy-fartsy. And since it’s a Kung Fu kitchen, I guess that statue truly represent! \m/ Hahahaha..

from s3 694


The rest of the interiors are interesting as well. The walls are covered with Kung Fu Gansters (on the right) and Kung Fu Kitchen Masters (on the left). How cool is that?! It’s like being caught in the middle of a Kung Fu fight! Hiiiyaaahhhh!! Told you its very unique. It’ll catch your attention for sure.

from s3 687



The table and table setting are also very unique. The table looks like an old Chinese newspaper. I want one for my dining table! So cute! Even the chairs are very much cute. The alternating black and red chairs are well-thought of. Hmmmm… Kudos to the interior decorator. The colors just blend in with the entire look of the resto.


The table setting is also nice. The china vase that holds the chopsticks and the tissues are very apt. Even the plate with the Kung Fu Kitchen logo is perfect as well. They look all good together. Fashyown! Print on print ang peg.

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My only question is – why do they have a Karate Kid on their menu cover?! Anyareh sa Kung Fu Master?! Sana si Bruce Lee yung andun. Though they have Bruce Lee’s pictures inside the menu itself.

from s3 688

Water was served to us with this cute glass. You’d really feel like you were just transported to China in a flash and minus the airplanes and the immigration. They’ve got dragons on the glass for crying out loud baby! Yay!


The cuteness and uniqueness of the place is really overflowing. They even got the cutest and the most artistic light shades! They have Kawali Lights for crying out loud! Now, I really really really want one on my house! Where can I have those?! Or maybe, I’d rather create one. Hahahah.. Nice idea really! And very cute!


Now on to the foodie! Since I’m sick we just opted to get Yang Chow Fried Rice and Roasted Beef. Both are for sharing so it was more than enough for G.p and I. We even had to ask the waiters to pack half of it since we cannot finish it. The Yang Chow Fried Rice is actually good. The rice are well cooked which I really liked. I hate fried rice that are sticky.

IMG_5432Yang Chow Rice (Php180)

The Roasted Beef is good as well. I thought that the serving is quite small but it turned out to be more that enough. We even had to pack the rest. The beef is tender and a little sweet. The sauce made the dish yummier which I really appreciate. I like dishes that are a little sweet and a little salty so dish is just perfect for me.

IMG_5433Roast Beef (Php 225)

We also got this roll-something for dessert. What attracted me the most is the fact that it was described as a roll with condensed milk. I really love putting condensed milk on my pandesal when I was kid. Something I got from Nanay (my granny). Oh how I miss those days. When my only problem is choosing what to put on my pandesal – peanut butter or condensed milk?! Ang hiraaaaaaappp!!! Sorry because I really can’t remember what it was called or even the price. Nyahahaha! :) All I know is that it tastes like toasted pandesal with condensed milk. Nothing fancy actually. But I loved it still for taking me down memory lane.


We also got complimentary Siomai and I don’t know why I don’t have a picture of it. Well, I love love love siomai and hakaw. So probably, I ate it right away after it was served. The siomai is also good by the way. Notthing too fancy but it really is a good one.

And after our meal, we were served with fortune cookies while we are being serenated by a Chinese song at the background. I told you, it feels like I was dining on one of the restos in China or Hong Kong maybe.

from s3 690

from s3 693

If you ever go to SM Manila, make sure to visit this place. I’m dying to try their hakaw and milk tea and see of they even come close to Wai Ying’s hakaw (the one in Binondo).



Kung Fu Kitchen: Feast of Fury
4/F SM City Manila
Manila, Philippines
(+632) 7030814


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