Review: Sumo Sam

I had a full Friday. Scratch that. I had a full week actually. So I asked G.p to join me for lunch. In all honesty, I just miss Japanese food. So we went to my fave, Sumo Sam in Greenbelt 3.
I told her I want a real meal, that means rice! But I ended up getting the Tofu Steak. Actually, I wanna order a cup of Japanese rice but I totally forgot which is fine since their serving of Tofu Steak is big. We even had half of it packed for take out. This is so far my fave among their dishes. Its actually an appetizer but who cares? The tofu is full and well, for lack word, meaty. The sauce is creamy and perfect for the tofu. I enjoyed munching it even without rice. Feeling healthy much.
IMG_4783Tofu Steak (Php 289.00)

While G.p opted for their sizzling chicken meal. I have a very strong feeling she ordered this one because of the picture on the menu. Its looks so artistic with all the chicken on the side and the rice on the center. Hahaha.. But this one is a good choice. The chicken is tender and very much flavorful. I love the veggies that goes with it. I ended up asking some rice from her in exchange of her eating some of the tofu. I was actually happy because G.p don’t eat tofu at all. But I guess Sumo Sam succeeded in making my baby eat a healthy meal. :)
IMG_4784Sizzling Chicken (Php 219.00)

Of course, a Japanese meal would never be complete without my favorite California Roll. I’m telling you, this one is the best!! Again, I had half of it for take out and shared it with an officemate and she simply can’t move on. I told her to drag her boyfriend to Greenbelt for some California loving. Hahaha… This is definitely a must try!

Sumo Sam
Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center,
Makati, Philippines


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