Princess in Purple

Another friend got married last Saturday. And no! I’m not a bridesmaid nor part of the entourage. I’d have completed my 27Dresses if I am. Harhar! I guess I don’t want that. My closet is crying already. *No Space!*
Anyway, it was a happy day for a dear friend so I made sure I go. Even if that means an entirely hectic Saturday for me. Thank heavens Desi chose to get married at 10AM. I was able to leave at 2PM (right after lunch and the start of the wedding reception) and went straight to a foundation where me and my team decided to spend some time with the kids. Giving back and sharing all our blessings is truly something I am sooo proud of my team. Remember our Give a Book project? This is another round of those Random Act of Kindness we do once in a while. (More of that on another post.) Then a Videoke sesh is scheduled next and then another videoke with HS friends. I know! I’m so busy!
With those things in mind, I made sure that I plan my outfit well. I won’t have the luxury of time. I was thinking of pulling up those from day to night outfits that most fashion bloggers are so fond of doing but my events are totally opposite. I need to look glam for the wedding and extremely comfy while playing and drawing and having fun with the kids right? If only I’d be going straight to the videoke that’ll be loads easier. Oh fashion! I love you but you sometimes make my life difficult. Hahahaha…
I’ve been saving this purple and cream sheer dress for the wedding. I know it’s perfect. I mean – purple, sheer, lace, dress!! How can I possibly go wrong?? I just wore my tutu black skirt for that fluffy effect and I’m all set. The only question is the shoes. I would have loved to wear my stilettos with this dress for a more glam up feel but I needed to wear something that would also match my next outfit (which I’ll be showing on my next blog) plus I need to wear something comfy because I know I’ll be wearing them the entire day! And so that means --- WEDGES!
I’m so glad my Primadonna wedges match both my outfits. I never thought they’d look good together. The tribal prints on the wedges made me think it won’t match my dress as well as the oranges on the print but I guess, a little more color and a little more print is a little more fun. I just kept my accessories on a minimum and stick with the colors on my palette. My black beaded clutch finished my entire look. Simple and sophisticated. So much like a princess. :)
Sorry for my “arte” pose. Most of those are “stolen” shots by G.p! We squeeze in a quick outfit shot right outside the church before we go to the reception. Hahaha.. The blogger in me. Thanks G.p for being so supportive. Yey!
blog5Purple and Cream Longsleeved Sheer and Lace Dress: Random from Hong Kong | Wedges: Primadonna | Black Beaded Clutch: Thifted | Purple Earrings: from Len | Star Ring: stolen from G.p | Round Ring: Random from Quiapo | Black Tutu Skirt (worn as undergarment): French Connection


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