Review: Chewy Junior

Right after our Sumo Sam lunch, I drag G.p to Chewy Junior. I’ve tasted this little bunch of heaven when Roemer brought boxes of these loves to the office as his birthday treat. :) And when I tell you they’re heaven…They.Are.Heaven.
These are actually cream puffs but I love them because of the chewiness and the yummy flavors. I specially love the white choco almond puffs and it’s G.p’s favorite also. I was only able to take a bite on 3 flavors. I feel like my stomach is about to burst. G.p brought the rest home. Oh well. She must have loved it.
I’ll make sure to try out the rest. :) I guess, I’ll be a regular customer from now on. And oh! They also have a branch in Mall of Asia. I guess I know what I’ll be munching on while watching Spider-Man on iMax tomorrow. Harhar.. #bad #fattening #guiltypleasure
How’s your weekend so far guys? I had a very tiring but very rewarding Saturday. :) I will soon announce something very important. I’m very excited. I hope you all are too. Yey!!


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