Fashion Fail!

The company I work for is having it’s annual year-end party this coming December 6 (Tuesday). I have already planned my outfit as early as November and is very much excited. being part of this year’s organizing committee, I really wanna dress up and show them the Modern Filipiniana look that we are all talking about. (this year’s theme is Paskong Pinoy Klasiks)

I had my barong fixed a couple of weeks back. The lady told me that it’ll take her more than a week to finish the barong since I really want a major alteration to have it custom-fixed according to what I have in mind. And I was supposed to have it today. I went back and voila! No Barong for me.

Yup! She had the alteration started but left it unfinished!! Imagine my dismay?? I was totally heartbroken because I already have my perfect shoes and all. :-(

G.p and I went to the mall to have a quick look on probable outfit but we came home with only a tee. Though the tee was wonderful and all, I still don’t have anything to match it with. I am soooooo done. I’ll have a very busy 2 days so I don’t know how I can squeeze some shopping with the very little time left for me. And I’m so overweight that most of my old clothes don’t fit. I AM DEAD! Wish me luck. I was already checking out my favorite bloggers for some ideas. I hope the Fashion Goddess will hear my plea and help me!!


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