2012 Starbucks Coffee Planner

November marks the start of the yearly Starbucks sticker-collecting “panata” that most Pinoys have. :-)
But of course, for those coffee addicts like me, we’re not only eager to complete our sticker collection but we are very much eager to have our favorite Seasonal beverages that Starbucks offer. These year, they have my all-time favorites Peppermint Mocha and Toffee Nut PLUS they have a new flavor added on the roster… my new all-time favorite Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha!!
I got so addicted on the Cranberry drink that I was able to complete my collection earlier than usual. :-) Yey!
So last November 30, G.p gave me my very own Starbucks Coffee Planner in Cherry!
The 2012 planner is actually my favorite design of all the planners Starbucks has ever come up with because:
  1. It’s small and handy! All the previous ones are kind big that made it difficult for me to actually carry them around. So I usually have a handy planner PLUS my Starbucks planner that I usually use at work or leave in the office. But I guess these year, my Starbucks planner is all that I need.
  2. It comes with a pouch! How cute is that? I mean, common! Planner in a very fashyown pouch is really awesome.
  3. The planner now has loads of pages for NOTES! Something I always do on my planners. I usually write lots and lots of notes that sometimes my planner gets a little messed up. Hahaha…
  4. They have these very earthly feel. The planners come in different colors and design based on 5 different types of woods/trees. Amazing.
But of course nothing is really perfect. And since I’m so edgy and very metikulosa, here are some of the Not-So-Good-Things about the planner:
  1. The string page marker with the Starbucks logo or mug is left-off. Instead, the planner comes with a bookmark. But I really think it’ll look better with a page marker. Something classy.
  2. The wooden part is easy to scrap off. Promise. I almost had salubsob. Hahaha..
  3. They don’t have a free ballpen! I miss the Starbucks pen or pencils.
  4. Lesser vouchers. I hope they’ll give more next time. Haha..


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