Review: Slice and Dice

Another FoodVenture for G.p and I! We were on our way home to Angono when we suddenly have the urge to try another resto in Shaw area. It’s one of those little resto designed for the call center agents on the area so they are naturally open 24 hrs.

I tried their sizzling squid while G.p tried their steak. My Squid is overly yummy though the serving is really small. :-( The steak however has a bigger serving but it’s not something I’d really wow on. It’s not bland though… just typical. We had our then-favorite 7-11 French Vanilla coffee partnered with the meal. So at 1AM, we found ourselves extremely full. Hahaha..

2011-01-14 23.39.09

2011-01-14 23.39.38

2011-01-14 23.40.08

2011-01-14 23.40.29

2011-01-14 23.40.51

2011-01-14 23.41.42

2011-01-14 23.46.19

2011-01-14 23.46.32


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