Review: Marciano’s (Greenbelt 3, Makati)

G.p love to pick me up after work on a Friday night. We would usually head out to Greenbelt or Glorieta and watch movies or dine.

G.p checking out the menu.

This particular Friday, both of us are craving for Pizza, Pasta and everything Italian. So we both agreed on trying out Marciano’s in Greenbelt 3.

IMG_7796I was amazed at how huge their utensils are! For someone with very small hands like me, it’s quite difficult to eat. :)


They have uber sowsyal ambiance. So I took the opportunity to try out my photog prowess. I really think I’m getting better!!!

We couldn’t decide what pizza to order, so opted for their Four-Flavor Pizza. A bit pricey but at least we won’t have that what-if or I-told-you-so feeling after dining.

IMG_7805Four-Flavor Pizza (500php)

They said that their pizzas are oven-baked, but there’s nothing special about it. Greenwich pizzas are way better than them. We were really disappointed. For something so pricey, we were expecting much more.

What did we get for our 500 bucks? A bland, oily pizza with poor dough. Arrggghhh! I really wont go back there.

Thank God we also ordered some pasta. We got Fettucini in red sauce.

IMG_7802Pasta (Php200++)

These are indeed a lot better than the pizza. Though nothing really special but at least better. G.p finished this one off and had the pizza on take out.

If there’s one thing I love about this place is the fact that I was able to get better pics these time. Must be because their lighting is perfect!

IMG_7800Black Top from Mango Basics | Cropped Denim Shorts from a Bazaar

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