Big Buddha

Alright, I know I’ve been posting loads of food entries! Forgive me! I have loads in my HD. Those times when I don’t have my own PC to blog onto, I was able to collect a lot of FoodTrip pics. :-) And since I’m on this De-Cluttering thingy, I need to finish them off before posting the recent ones.

OK, back to regular programming.

I haven’t tried Big Buddha ever. So when Jerellt invited us, her entourage, for a thank you post wedding dinner and dragged us in this resto I gladly obliged.

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about the place and I can tell that it is not the first time of Je to dine in here so I allow them to choose the foods that we’re having.

We actually had loads on the table. Being with them means having a bursting tummy, believe me. But my night was spent not only having great funny conversations with my bestest friends but also an impromptu photog lesson with none other than Erlie! Let me tell you, in the 11 yrs that we’ve known each other, it is the first time that I have learned of her talent! hahahahaha…

So guys, let me PROUDLY show you some of the pics taken that night.







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