G.p gave me this pair last Christmas. I was really looking for a perfect pair of slip-ons for quite some time to no avail. Most are too big for my size 3 feet. Yup, that’s not a typo error. My shoe size is really 3 or at most 4. :-P So looking for a pair of shoes is really a nightmare! I either end up wearing colorful flats with ribbons from the kid’s department or shoes that would fall off my feet. :-P


So when I got these pair from G.p I was really excited and happy. I was eyeing Draven ever since I found out that they have it in Kiddie Sizes. I was supposed to buy one before Christmas but G.p talked me out off it. Only to find out that she plans on getting me one! yiheee…

I remembered showing it to my Mama the moment I got it only to get the most hilarious comment…

Me: “Ma, tingnan mo gift ni a.M oh! Ganda no?!”

Mila: “Ay oo Nene maganda!! Ay! Kaya lang sira. Hindi pantay oh!!”

Me: *cartwheel*

What do I expect from Mila? Haist! #LaughTripsiMila #DifficulttohaveaMotherLikeMine


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