..sUmtHiNg i wAnNa tReaSuRe & rEmEmBeR...

From: Ian Ilott <igs942@yahoo.co.uk>
To: aUbReY rEiGnE <gorgeous_reigne@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 2:53:18 PM
Subject: Re: to my love..

Thanks baby,

The feeling is mutual. You're the perfect girl and you're the girl I've always dreamed of meeting. As usual though the timing of meeting each other and our circumstances were and are all wrong. If only things were different. I'd be there with you permanently. But then again, who knows what the future holds for us? Things could change and we could be together. If we were then my live would be perfect and not a day goes by without me thinking that. I know that people say that and sometimes dont mean it but I do. I find myself thinking about you 24/7, sometimes so much that I stop what I'm doing. I guess to other I must look like I am daydreaming - I suppose I am, dreaming about being with you. I love thinking about that Friday and about when we went to the island. That was such a nice day and I wish we could do it all again. If we could, I'd do it slightly differently by making sure you knew how I felt on the day so that we'd be closer. Looking at the photos in our album and of my trip is soooooooooo nice!

Anyways baby I'm in the office and smiling now, my official work starts in 10 minutes so I better get my head down before anyone wonders what the hell it is that I'm smiling about! Take care my love xxx..............................mmmmwwooaahh!!!

<now tell me..can you actually blame me if i fall for the man who wrote this?! Specially if he is the same man who makes me soooo happy every single day of my life for the past two months…and he’s the same man who never fail to make me smile..the man who say’s I’m the most beautiful girl in the world when all my life I believed that I am just an ordinary face with an extraordinary character..and that alone makes me special..and yet..with this man…I know..i believe..i am beautiful! I am just a girl…who loves..who got hurt and who cries…>


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