Pretty Woman

Genre: Romantic Comedy

One of the movies i never get tired of watching...hopeless romantic as i am, like vivian, i have always dreamed of finding someone who would rescue me on the tower and draw his sword and tell me he loves me deeply, unconditionally...and then...i would cry and go to his arms and hold on like there's no tomorrow..

i know..this is actually believing that cinderella and little mermaid are parts of the world history, and yet, i cannot help but believe that i am a girl who deserves nothing but a prince...

there are times when i felt so alone and tired of waiting for my prince charming that i actually believe they wont come at all...and yet..i know, as what my father used to tell me, that i am special! so i deserve nothing but the most sprecial man there is on earth...and you can't find that special man lying on a pavement..

though i vivian, i would fight for my man and ask for nothing but the best...and if he can't,then he simply is not special enough for me...and yes! all i wanted is to find someone like edward who would climb the fire exit even if he himself is afraid of heights just to rescue me from my misery...


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