Message in a bottle

Genre: Romance
Author:Nicholas Sparks

one of my most loved books! have read it for more than a dozen times and yet, i still feel the same way as though i've read it the first time...

this one is a real tear jerker! like most of nicholas sparks' books- but this one is the closest to my heart...i don't know why...maybe because it speaks of destiny..of choices..of unconditional and undying love..maybe because like theresa, i fell inlove with a total stranger like garret...or maybe because at most times, i felt like garret or theresa...

this one is a must read for those hopeless romantics like me and those who believe in the so called DESTINY! this is for someone who loved, lost and got hurt..someone who's afraid to fall again and yet would want to try...this is for you and me...for all of us..

this is about this is about US!


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