Review: Kanto Freestyle Breakfast (Poblacion, Makati)

Part of my #Wiser2016 and #Simplify2018 efforts, I am trying really hard to cut on our food trips and eating out. Something that's really difficult for us as a family coz all of us loves dining out. Yes, including the little miss.

So, what have been working out so far is trying out these small hole-in-the-wall restaurants that offer reasonable prices. Most of the time we're on a hunt for nice little cozy restaurants na swak sa bulsa. Tuloy ang foodtrip without breaking the bank.

And on one of our foodtrips, we tried Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Makati.

It was actually the #ReigningTatay who discovered this place thanks to Zomato. We went here one evening on our way home. It's our little date night...

The place is full when we went there but the staff are efficient. The guard assisted us in parking, the crew immediately ushered us to an empty table and we were given the menu right away.

The #ReigningTatay opted for New Zealand Beef Tapa. We both liked the tapa because it's tender and it's on the sweet, saucy type so I really liked it.

Since I'm supposed to be on a diet and not eat rice at night, I ordered suman. I know! Totally forgot na kanin ang suman besh. Was supposed to get champorado which is heller? Kanin also. Minsan talaga fail tayo eh. Sorry na!

I love the suman. It's a little bit crunchy and buttery so I love it. I asked for extra goya ganache because I love my suman smothered in chocolate ganache. I know! Sorry ulit! Kaya di pumapayat eh.

Paired my suman with tuyo flakes with kesong puti to balance the sweetness and I'm shookt! Ang sharap besh! The saltiness of tuyo flakes and the suman dipped heavily on chocolate ganache is just perfection!!! Ang sarap!!

Finished off with Kanto hot choco and I'm in heaven. Goodbye diet muna that night.

We also got Mixed Berry Pancakes (110Php) for the #FabSkye for take away because darn! We just can't stand the fact that we're eating and the #FabSkye is not with us. Sorry na! Though the #FabSkye loves her pancakes so much. So yay!

No wonder the place is always packed. Reasonable price. Good food. Nice ambiance.


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