Review: Mr. & Mrs. Cruz (2018)


Grabe! There are loads of really interesting movies these days. After Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes and Call Me By Your Name, I know I have to watch this film as well after the very nice reviews I heard from friends.

So here's my thoughts about Mr. & Mrs. Cruz for y'all...

1. Same director as Kita Kita so they share the same feel. Yung tipong weird plot line at mga scenes that would make you say "I will never do that in real life" but still relatable. If you know what I mean.

2. I just felt like there are loads of talking in this film. Buti nalang JC Santos was able to deliver his lines in a realistic manner. So kahit madaming usapan and quotable quotes, di sya mukhang tinutula.

3. I don't wanna watch this film because I am not a fan of Ryza. I'm still not a fan but JC Santos made her tolerable. Ang weird nya kasi magsalita eh.

4. But I have to say that her "nakita ko si Nemo" scene is good. Magaling sya dun. Naiyak ako. And honestly, akala ko I'd cringe sa scene na yun pero winner sya. Good job.

5. Na-miss ko ang El Nido at Puerto Prinsesa. I was there 5 years ago din gaya nila. Bakit kaya di kami nagkita nun? Char!

6. Hopeless romatic ka ba besh? Pwede to sayo!


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