Review: The Greatest Showman (2018)


This show was highly recommended by my Bestie Niel and another movie-holic friend so I know I have to catch it. We watched it sing-a-long mode pero nobody's singing along with it inside the cinema. Well, at least nobody sang loud. Kasi for sure yung katabi ko sumi-sing-a-long eh.

So here are my thoughts...

1. This is a musical. So expect great songs and major LSS after the movie. I'm listening to the soundtrack on Spotify as I type this and I guess it'll take me a couple more weeks to get over the songs specially This Is Me.

2. I am a huge Hugh Jackman fan. From Wolverine to Australia to Les Miserables. Meron bang hindi kaya gawin si pareng Hugh? Takte! Kinuha mo na lahat! Acting. Action scenes. Singing. Dancing. Ikaw na besh. Mahal na kita. Come to mama. Cheret!

3. When I heard Zac Efron sing, I smiled a little and remembered his High School Musical days. Gwapo padin si besh and his voice is still really good.

4. I'm not sure if it's just me but Zendaya seems too young for Zac. But I can't deny the chemistry. Kaso parang ang bata talaga ni Zendaya. O baka naman di padin ako nakakamove on sa Vanessa-Zac loveteam? Sorry na!

5. When Jenny Lind sang Never Enough, di ako naka-connect sa kanya. Parang di sya yung kumakanta. And then later on I learned that the actress who played the role did not actually sing it. So ayun kaya pala. I really have a major problem with the way Rebecca Ferguson did all the singing acts. She's stiff. She's off. Ugh! All the castings are perfect except for her. Me thinks.

6. Whoever thought of Michelle Williams as Charity Barnum is just plain genius. I miss her! She's really good. And they have a good on screen chemistry ah. Bagay sila ni Hugh.

7. When the bearded lady sang This Is Me, I cried. Grabe the feels and the meaning of the song. I just cried while they were singing this one. And until now, while listening to on Spotify I just can't help but feel really sad and happy and empowered. Basta!

8. This movie reminds me so much of another favorite - Moulin Rouge. I really love musicals.

9. I love how the music in so in sync with the entire film. As in every move and every sway perfectly sync with the music. Small details like Charity's scarf swaying to the beat or the laundry. They really have thought of everything.

10. Ayoko na sanang pakinggan yung soundtrack pero tinatawag nya ko. Syet! So kung di kayo ready na kumanta while working, wag na kayo manood. Pero pag di kayo nanood, sayang naman kasi ang ganda nya talaga.


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