Review: The Revenger Squad (MMFF 2017)


This is the first MMFF movie I watched because the #FabSkye requested for it. The moment she saw that trailer on TV, she has been saying "Pak! Pak! Ganern! Ganern!" all the time. Hahahaha! Benta because she would really imitate Pia's action. Teehee!

Disclaimer lang mga mumsh ah, I know that this movie is not ka-review-review. First, because the story as usual is common with all the superhero stuff. The graphics, though good, is not plausible. But this film is really not made for film critics. Alam ko po yun. Pero sa totoo lang, benta sya talaga sa kids! This film know their audience.

So anyway, sa totoo lang I liked it! I love that this year, MMFF gave us a balance of great movies and good enough movies for the kids. Because honestly, it's a Christmas tradition to watch an MMFF movie with the kids. And for us, it's this film and Meant To Beh.

Honestly benta sya because of the effects and colorful superheroes. The kids love it. It's also hilarious if you like the Vice Ganda kind of comedy. I specially love those spoof scenes of DJ and Vice.

Though I appreciate that the "green" jokes this time is subtle. Aminin nyo that usually Vice Ganda films have green jokes na talaga mapapa-iling ka nalang. Now, meron padin talaga but of course the kids didn't notice. Mga adults lang na may malisya sa buhay. So kudos to the writers and directors for making an effort to make sure the film is appropriate for kids.

The children went out of the cinema really happy. My daughter specially loved all the superheroes. She loves the effects and the colors. She loves the fact that we are all laughing inside the cinema.


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