Review: Meant To Beh (MMFF 2017)

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When I attended the Meant To Beh blogcon last month, I really promised myself that I won't dare miss it. Aside from the fact that it really looks promising, I'm excited to see bossing's serious comedy film.

I lugged the entire FamBam with me and I swear my daughter was laughing endlessly. Nakakatuwa marining yung tawa ng 3 year old ko. I swear!

So here are the reasons why I love Meant To Beh:

1. Baste!!! Jusko! The moment Baste was shown, tawang tawa na agad anak ko. When he danced that Basteliciouos dance, bumaba ang bagets and danced also. Plus aside from being super cute and funny, that boy could act ah!!! Ang galing! There are scenes kasi where in he's crying kasi Bossing (his Tatay) left the house, ay kaloka! Nakakaiyak yung bata.

2. Dawn and Bossing tandem. There is a certain chemistry between Dawn and Bossing. Nakakakilig sila. Seryoso yun. I love seeing them on the screen together. Plus I love seeing the lighter side of Dawn and the more serious side of Bossing. Totoo nga! It's not their usual roles. Iba eh.

3. The story. Honestly if there's something na talagang love na love ko sa film na to is the moral story. It talks about family at its core. How the kids are affected pag may issue ang family. How even the nicest set of kids could do nasty things even to nice people pag involved na ang family lalo na if they are trying to fix their parent's issue. How important it is to talk to your husband/wife. It would really make you re-assess your relationship with your partner. Sometimes kasi you thought wala ng love when in fact, the love has always been there pero di mo napapansin kasi you choose to focus on the differences o yung nega instead of the positive. It is also very important to stay on a relation ship because you love each other. Not just because of the kids. Sometimes kasi tayo, we would stay on a relationship and would keep on thinking na "it's for the kids" tapos we would feel really really bad kasi lahat it's for the kids hanggang the negativity and self-pity would eat us up. Grabe ang feels ng movie na to! It just proves that you can create a light film na tatawa ka pero may lesson talaga.

Honestly, I didn't expect much on this film. Kasama kasi sya dun sa list ng films na alam kong no brains involved at tatawa lang ako kasi nga it's a Bossing Vic film. Mali ako besh! Lumabas kasi ako ng movie house appreciating my family more. Perfect for new year kasi parang after that, ililista mo sa NYR mo ang pagkausap sa asawa mo gabi gabi kahit gaano ka kapagod!


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