Review: Ang Larawan (MMFF 2017)


The minute I read about this film (yes, not even watched the trailer yet) I knew I had to watch it because:

1. It's an adaptation of Nick Joaquin's A Portrait of the Artist as a Filipino. I'm a huge Nick Joaquin fan after reading his book Manila, My Manila way back in High School.
2. It's a musical.
3. Joanna Ampil.

I'm really so excited to watch kaya kahit walang kasama, gora ang lola mo! Yes, I watched it alone and I'm so glad I did!

So here are my thoughts about Ang Larawan and why I think you shouldn't DARE MISS THIS FILM.

1. It's a musical. And not the Glee type of musical but more of an opera kind of musical wherein it's normal that they'd sing out the dialogues. Some might find it annoying or weird but I honestly love it. It just gives so much more feels on the film.

2. Speaking of singing, everytime Joanna Ampil opens her mouth parang gusto ko mag standing ovation. OMG! I've always been a fan since I first watched her on A Sound of Music all those years ago. But even before that I've always known her as that PLM'yer who snagged the Kim of Saigon role. A West End superstar that really makes every Filipino proud. The last time I watched her was in Ballet Manila's Rebel and as usual she's more than superb. Pero always sa stage ko sya napapanood so it's a little bit different for me to see her on the screen pero the talent is just the same! Grabe that girl. Di na ko nagtaka when she bagged the Best Actress award. Sorry, pero that black out scene alone kinabog na nya talaga lahat eh.

3. Paulo Avelino is just bursting with sex appeal. And boy! That guy could act! At first I was skeptical when I saw him on the movie poster. Syempre in my mind I was like, "anong ginagawa ng lolo mo dyan?". But well, I guess the creators of the film definitely know what they are doing. He is more than perfect for the role. Okay fine, his voice is not as great as the others (tumabi ba naman kay Joanna Ampil eh) PERO binuhay nya si Tony Javier. As in I can't imagine anybody else doing that seducing scene with Rachel Alejandro. Ang galing ni kuya. Hands down.

4. The cinematography, the music, the story, the directing - this movie is done with utmost perfection. Di sya tinipid. At ang ganda ng bawat anggulo ng pelikula. My 300++ petot is more than worth it. Super more than worth it. Di ka manghihinayang panoorin ulit. Eto ang mga pelikulang dapat mong makita talaga.

5. The rest of the cast are just excellent. As in lahat, kahit yung cameo ni Mikee Conjuanco at ni Ricky Davao. Walang maliit na artista sa pelikula na to. They have Nonie Buencamino, Menchu Lauchengco, Dulce, Nanette Inventor, Ogie Alcasid! Jusko! This is what you call an all-star cast talaga! Lahat magaling both sa pag arte at pagkanta. There's no small role in this film. Celeste Legaspi and Cara Manglapus shines!

6. Naiyak ako pero di ako makaiyak kasi mag isa ako nanonood. I swear. Gusto kong umiyak na gusto kong matawa habang umiiyak pero hindi ko magawa kasi baka i-judge ako ng katabi ko. So warning besh. Hahaha!

7. That scene with the Senator and the blackout scene would give you chills. Iba sya. Tagos.

8. I hope the teachers thought of requiring their students to watch this tapos mag-submit ng reaction paper kasi heller??!! Ganun ginagawa namin noon! And that's the reason why I learned to appreciate great films talaga. Dear teachers, heller?!! Eto na yun oh! Pang reaction paper talaga to eh.


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