Review: Pitch Perfect 3 (2018)


I love musicals! So it's a no-brainer that I am a Pitch Perfect fan. The first 2 are just epic! Aca-mazing!

And the #FabSkye is also a fan eversince she watched Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix so we head to the cinema to catch the latest, and probably the last, installment.

Honestly, I was thinking that the next Pitch Perfects are gonna focus on Hailey but it looks like na ah. Still Becca. And there's no passing of the crown that happens at all. I guess, there's no Pitch Perfect w/o Becca at all.

This movie is still very Pitch Perfect. With Fat Amy's crazy antics and comedy. Becca's awesome voice and perfect performances. Though its a bit lacking on the "contest" part. I just wish I heard more from the other bands and some more crazy music wars.

But the actions scenes are great! Fat Amy nailed it!

Another must watch if you really like movies like this. But I guess out of the three, this is gonna be my least favorite.


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