Review: Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant (Makati)

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Oh my goodness. I think I found the best Singaporean restaurant in the metro Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant. They serve the freshest and yummiest seafood and Singaporean dishes. I am a fan!

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Located at the heart of Makati, this newly opened restaurant is slowly gaining popularity because the foodies are raving for it. You can spot it along Makati Ave., near J.P Rizal. It’s kinda difficult to see I because it’s right beside the construction area. But once inside, you will be greeted by a very nice restaurant interior with industrial feel.

But the main reason why I love this place is their food. So, shall we discuss them now?

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (7)Deep Fried Fish Skins (Small: 300php | Medium: 450php)

This is what I call “sosyal na chicharon”. And probably a healthier version. This deep fried fish skins tastes so much like our beloved chicharon only so much better. And the dip has this perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness and a little bit sour. The moment I had my first bite, I can’t stop munching on it. This crispy fish skins are love at first bite.

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (8)Honey BBQ Pork (Medium: 450php | Large: 600php)

This sweet BBQ pork is a little bit sweet. The pork are tender and juicy. Though not really a crowd favorite, this one still stands out.

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (11)Stir Fried Cereal Prawns (Small: 525php | Medium: 1050php)

OMG! This is definitely the best cereal prawns ever. I swear! The prawns are cooked to perfection – soft and juicy. The cereals are delicious. They taste familiar but me and my foodie friends can’t seem to place it. We asked the chef what cereal they used but they don’t to divulge. Hahahaha! The prawns used are fresh and the ingredients all top notch. You could really taste the huge difference. Make sure you order this if you ever drop by.

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (15)Ming Kee Triple Cooked Crab Bee Hon

Okay, when I first heard that this one has crab in it and bee hon, I was like – what? But we were told that this one is a crowd favorite, not just here in Manila but also in Singapore. And we now know why. This is another favorite! Definitely a must try. I love the texture of the food and the way the taste seemed to dance on my palate. The crab, are again, so fresh and so huge. We we’re told that they still have bigger ones (oh my!). I really love crabs in general. I love it buttered. So this is such a refreshing twist to my all-time favorite dish. Highly recommended.

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (14)Singapore Chili Crab

When I first had a bite, I almost choked. Too spicy!!! Well, for me. Though the manager said that it’s actually a milder version of it. The ones they serve in SG are much more spicy. Oh gosh! I am very sure my bestfriend and the ReigningTatay would love this one. Actually, minus the spiciness, it is such a yummy treat. The sauce are a bit sweet and the crab meats are very juicy and tender. Gosh!

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (9)Ming Kee Homemade Beancurd (Small: 380php | Medium: 570php)

This is another favorite. Definitely the best beancurd ever. The soft, melts-in-your-mouth beancurd and the fresh, crunchy veggies are just a match made in heaven. I can’t stop munching on it. I could this one all my life. That’s how yummy it is.

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (12)Man Tou and Condensed Milk

This man tou is the perfectly paired with the chili crab. To help ease the heat. I usually stay away from man tou because all of the ones I tried before are really oily. Not nice at all. But this one is different. The dough is perfect. Not oily. And I love it dipped in condensed milk. Ugh! Such a yummy treat.

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (10)Sambal Fried Rice (Small: 300php | Medium: 450php | 600php)

This is the perfect match for all the crabs and the prawns above. I love that this fried rice compliments the dishes and is not overpowering.

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (3)Fruit Fantasy

For desert, we had fruit fantasy. It’s just a combination of fruits, ice and milk. Perfect to cap off the yummy meal we just had.

ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (2)ming-kee-singaporean-restaurant-makati (6)

We also tried some of their mock tails. I had the one above – with cucumber, lemon and soda. Sooooo refreshing. I love it.

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Ming Kee also has a space for private functions. Just give them a call and ask. :)

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