Review: Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (SM Manila)

One of my favorite mall, because it’s one tumbling away from our house, has been recently expanding their restaurant line up. Hallelujah!

A lot of new restaurants have opened and I can’t wait to try them all. One of them is Hot Star Large Fried Chicken.

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When the ReigningTatay saw that they offer large fried chicken, he was sold! This man is a big fried chicken fan. So offering him a large fried chicken is like offering heaven to the man!

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These two. So crazy! Parang pinagbiyak na arenola. They are so excited to see their super large fried chicken. Ahahaha!

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First things first, the Interiors. I love the industrial look of the restaurant. Bare floor, simple tables and chairs, truck-like counters. Something new. Refreshing. And they look very clean.

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They also hang nice pieces of art on the far wall. The drop lights also add glamour to the entire façade. Diba? Ang linis linis tingnan. I really like it.

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The staff are also super nice and friendly. We asked like a gazillion questions which they answered patiently.

We wanna order the right thing. So we asked how big it is. What are the best sellers, etc..

hotstar-chicken-review (2)

And so we settled for this two. My gulay! They are not lying when they say that they offer large fried chicken. Oh my! These people know what they are talking about when they said LARGE. It is indeed large. 2 pax could finish this one off but definitely not one.

hotstar-chicken-review (9)Original Large Meal (145php) + Lemonade (additional 15php)

The ReigningTatay opted for their original large chicken. I must say that after the initial shock of the huge chicken, the ReigningTatay got a bit disappointed. According to him, it’s bland and a bit boring. Though the gravy’s yummy, he find it lacking.

hotstar-chicken-review (1)
 BBQ Original Meal (160php) + Lemonade (additional 15php)

While I got their BBQ original meal which turned out to be the better choice. My chicken was slathered with yummy BBQ sauce. Every bite of the chicken was heaven. The BBQ sauce was tasty and delicious. No need to dip on gravy coz it’s more than enough. Even the ReigningTatay loves it.

This restaurant is perfect for those with a big appetite. But it’s also perfect for those who’s willing to share their meal. The big chicken is honestly more than enough for 2 pax. And if you get the flavored ones, it’s definitely value for money.

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