Review: Pure Rosewater by Nature Essentials

Pure Rosewater by Nature Essentials

This is the other Nature Essentials product that I’ve mentioned on my Maracuja Oil review – Pure Rosewater.

I have to be honest, when I saw it on the package waiting for me at home, I don’t know what to do with it. I mean, is it a face mist? A toner? A perfume? What will I do with this Pure Rosewater? And so I consulted my bestfriend, Google.

I was amazed at how versatile this pure rosewater is. They even dubbed it as a “wonder of nature” for its endless use. It can help soothe sensitive and irritated skin. Balance and cleance oily skin. Rejuvenate, soften and tone. Add glow. It’s a good anti-oxidant and filled with various vitamins that help prevent ageing. It’s a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. You can drink it. Put it on your face. Mix on your food. Use as a perfume. Grabe! The list was endless. The more I read up on various articles, the more amazed I get. Nature Essentials sent me a wonder bottle!

But out of the long list I saw online, here are my top favorite use of Pure Rosewater.
  1. As a water mist. I love how it instantly freshens up my face. I just spray a little on my palm and pat it on my face. I would instantly feel hydrated and fresh. I especially loved it when I used it as a water mist after swimming. Wow! Just wow. Usually my face would feel dry and tight after swimming, but the moment I pat on pure rosewater, I feel moisturized and hydrated instantly. I did the same on ReigningTatay and he loved it. I now have this little bottle on my make up kit and carry it everyday. It is now part of my daily essentials especially now that its scorching hot. Better if you kept on the fridge and pray it cool. Yay!
  2. As a moisturizer. I told you I have super dry skin, and while the Maracuja Oil is a perfect moisturizer, I still love to spray a little of this miracle water on some parts that just needs a little more moisturizing like the sides of my fingers, my elbows and knees, my soles and toes. I love that it instantly moisturizes my skin.
  3. Reduce eye puffiness. I read on Google that if I place the rosewater on the fridge, spray a little on cotton and put it on my eyes – it’ll help reduce eye puffiness and would help soothe my eye bags. OA ang eye bags ko, coz I’m a mum. So I immediately tried it and I’m happy to report that it works!! No more zombie look. Love love LOVE it.
  4. My instant boo-boo remedy. After learning that I has an antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, I tried it by putting some on my little boo-boo (kagat ng batang makulit!) and it works! Saya!
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