Review: Pure Maracuja Oil by Nature Essentials

I have a very dry skin. It’s with the genes. And people close to me know how addicted I am to anything moisturizing. I am very glad that my mama took care of skin at a very young age. I have soft skin that only needs to be moisturized at all times.

I’ve been using body oil for the longest time. And been using it religiously, else I’d have dry skin the entire day. So when our friends from Nature Essentials sent me a bottle of their Pure Maracuja Oil, I got really really excited.

Pure Maracuja Oil by Nature Essentials

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and I’m very happy with the results. Here’s why…
  1. I love the packaging. It comes with a very cute glass bottle and a glass dropper. Usually, the body oils that I’ve tried comes with either a pump or regular bottle. I’d always end up getting more than I’m supposed to get. With this, just 2 drops is enough for my lower legs, upper legs, my arms, my problem areas – knees, feet, fingers and my stretch marks. This package is also very hygienic. I love it.
  2. It has that distinct coco smell. I love the smell of coconut. And this Maracuja Oil has that distinct coco smell which is a big plus for me. I love that the coco smell is just very subtle. Not overpowering. At least hindi naman ako amoy bibingka maghapon.
  3. It’s greasy but would go away after a few minutes. I know that most don’t like greasy lotions, but I have mixed feelings on this. I want greasy body oils and lotions because they seem more effective in moisturizing my dry skin. But I hate the greasy feeling after. I hate the lagkit. And usually, it’s very hot. I normally put on body oil/lotion right after bath, while my skin is damp for better oil absorption. Some more watery lotion or oil seems to just go away with the water. Parang hindi effective. This Maracuja Oil is perfect for me. Coz it’s greasy when applied but the greasiness go away after a couple of minutes. It just leaves my skin moisturized and soft and supple.
  4. So far, it is effective. Alright, I’m saying so far, okay. Coz usually, I’d use a product for several months before doing a review. Coz I’ve had loads of experiences on products that works very well at first but would be nay after a couple of months. But anyway, I would usually experience them on non-natural products. So I’m pretty sure that this Maracuja Oil is for keeps. I’ll update this post after a couple of months and let’s see if it’s effective on my stretch marks.
  5. It’s all natural. You see, for the past year, I’ve been transitioning to all natural products. Even the dishwashing liquid we use at home is an all-natural formulation. The shampoo, conditioner, soap, basically everything is all natural. Now I am trying to use all natural make ups as well. Because, well because I’m not getting any younger. And I’m a mother now. I don’t want to burn my baby’s skin with chemicals and the likes. So I really want to use all-natural products. Also, I find it much more easier to try all-natural products than those with chemicals kasi hindi ako natatakot. I have very sensitive skin so I’m very mapili with the products I use. But now, mas may lakas na ako ng loob coz I know that products like these are much more gentle to my skin.
There you go. I am thinking of also putting this oil on my hair and see the effects. But probably next time when its much colder. I usually put oil on my hair when it’s cold to avoid dryness. So yeah, let’s see the results. :)

I also have another Nature Essentials product here that I’ll review soon. So wait for it.

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