#StyleFeature: Simply Je

Alright. I know she’s my best friend in the whole wide world and you might think I’m being the stage best friend here but hey! You have to agree that these looks truly deserve to be on my #StyleFeature…

DSC_0185[1]-horz The simple top-shorts-slip-on combo is so refreshing. This outfit shows that you don’t really need too much accessories or too much color to look breezy and summery. And yeah! I love the texture of her top.

DSC_0660[1]-horzI told her that I love this look if only she wore her skirt a little bit shorter. You see, she’s my conservative friend. Well, both my best friends are conservative. Anyareh sa akin?! Hahahahaha.. I can see myself wearing the top with a body con skirt. :-P But anyway, she was able to pull it off. I guess it only means that you can be a fashionable manang. No need to show too much curves or skin.

DSC_0685-horzHer top on the left is my favorite. Too cute. Too cute. Probably because I know I could never pull off an off-shoulder. Just never. And here she is looking so classy. Inggit much. :)

DSC_0870-horzAnother cute top!!! I love that these set of photos show that yes! You can actually repeat pieces in your wardrobe and still manage to look like you have an “artista-closet”.

I guess my conservative readers would love this post. :-P Yeah! Yeah! I know! Marunong din ako mag-appreciate ng mga conservative looks. Actually, mas bilib nga ako sa mga babaeng kaya magmukhang maganda at sexy without actually showing too much. No need to wear all the colors in the rainbow dear. Naks!!! Coming from me, that’s something. Ahihihi.. That I learned the hard way. Madaming beses na kong nagmukhang christmas tree. I think I need to get a leaf out of my bestfriend’s book and try to work on more conservative pieces. Especially now that I’m already a Mum. Pwede? Pwede!





P.S.: To know more about this girl, do visit her blog - Je’s Anatomy! And prepare to get hungry on her food and restaurant posts. Yay!


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