#StyleFeature: Kalli v5.0


She’s one of my closest friends here at work. She’s Skye’s ninang. My Babe. :)

Would you believe that she used to be twice her size now? And that her only OOTD is a lousy black jacket? Ask her to remove that freakin’ jacket and she’ll go crazy. Parang pinaghuhubad mo ng panty. Ganung levels!

I need to beg and cry buckets just to make her wear a pair of dangling earrings. And she cried when I tried to put make up on her. That’s Kalli almost 2 years ago.


And then she went on a major make over. Diet and exercise. Counting calories. Sweating it all out. Mga ganung ganap. Last year, she already shed some pounds. Enough to ditch the black jacket. But she’s still on her lousy clothes. And then I went on Maternity Leave for almost 3months, on my return, she’s like this already!


Sexy. Confident. And darn! She even wore a dress on her birthday. Kaya ayun! Na-Style Feature tuloy sya! Harhar…

Wait mo lang ako Kalli. Balik alindog project na din ako in a couple of months. I just need to establish my pumping routine and output.

Anyway, more than her sexier and slimmer body. More than the simple dress and accessories and matching sandals. I think it’s her confidence that I find more striking. Agree?! Kaya girls, be confident! Kita nyo ko, lately, with this huge size that I’m sporting, isang kabang confidence nalang talaga ang panlaban ko sa buhay eh.

"So to Ninang Kalli keep that smile. And please please, agree for another Style Feature. Habang wala pang lakas ng loob si Nanay.





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