Review: Eleanor & Park (by Rainbow Rowell)


Okay. During that crazy low supply week (read about it here and here) I came across an FB status of a friend reading this book. And she also happens to be my e-book supplier. So yeah! You know what happened next, I found myself loading it in iBooks! Just exactly what I need. Exactly what this little bookworm needs. :) Tanggal stress ko, promise!

Now, let’s discuss the book shall we? Off topic na naman ako. Harhar!

First things first… I LOVE IT! Nakakaloka ang mga young adult books ngayon ah. The Fault In Our Stars, Every Day. All great books. And all of them has something that even adults like me can relate and learn a lot. Bonggels!

I won’t tell you about the plot anymore. You can read that on Wikipedia. Just let me share with you my thoughts…

This is a book you can’t put down. I finish it within 3 days. And I’m a nursing mother for crying out loud. If I’m single, I’d definitely finish it within a day. Would skip meals if I have to. That’s how hooked I am on the book. Rainbow Rowell is a great story-teller. I always find myself imagining a world where Eleanor and Park exists. And it’s so engaging. It made me want to read more, to know what happened next. And that’s something I love about a book.

I love the storyline. The deep meaning. The lightness of the way it was told. I love that not everything is spoon-fed. This book will make you think. Will allow your imagination to work. No wonder my bff and fellow bookworm friend loves it.

I love how the characters of Eleanor & Park was written. Eleanor’s hunger for love and acceptance. Her fear. Her crazy family. Park’s perfect home. His wonderful and happy family. That he was exposed to so much love thru his parents so he was able to give as much to a girl who don’t know it.

I just love this book. The kilig. It brings back fond memories of teenage years. Of holding hands. Of sloppy kisses. Of cassette tape/CD exchanges. Of song dedication. Kaloka!

This is a book I would strongly recommend. No wonder natanggal nya ang stress ko that week. Just this and a hot cup of Milo.





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