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Top: Vintage | Houndstooth Leggings: Tiangge | Slim Sandals: The Ramp | Bangles: Divisoria
Hello there people! How’s your week? It’s Saturday tomorrow! Weekend! Oh how I love weekends. :) Unli-latch. Pumping just for the extra stash. No worries. And I get to kiss the little one all I want. Love love love weekends. Did I just say love weekends? Yeah! I love weekends. I. Love. It.
Anyway, here’s me post-partum. Kangaroo belly. Yummy thunder thighs. Strong big arms. Size 5 feet. I love it. :) Okay fine. I don’t really love the thunder thighs and big arms and flabby belly but I love my bigger feet. Hihihihi…
Now I have super limited outfit choices. Almost all of the stuff in my closet doesn’t fit me anymore. I just have a handful that I can squeeze in to. I am so afraid to buy ne clothes coz I have this hallucination that I’ll get back to my old size in a week’s time. Or may be two. Harhar!
Whoever says breastfeeding is the best slimming option, probably haven’t met me yet. Or maybe I’m just the exception to the rule. Lintek na buhay to.
I can’t go on a diet naman. Gigilitan ako ng leeg ng Tatay ng anak ko. But now, I am trying to just eat healthy. Replacing the extra rice with fruits or nuts or oats or milo. I would also munch on some salads c/o my friend Len. Ayos! I’ll try to shift to brown rice next week. Take note. TRY. I don’t want to force myself to all this dieting. I am kinda having a hard time with my pumping output, so I need comfort food. Sumaya manlang ako sa pagkain diba?!
Anyway, I still try to look my best despite the limited outfit options and the bigger frame. Ganyan talaga kaming mga fashionista. We can always look fab despite the circumstances. Andaaaaawww?!!!
Oh ho I miss this. I miss posing for you guys. I hope I could get back in shape soon.



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