Baby It's Cold Outside

So yep. Here I am, blogging at 5 in the morning. And it’s so cold! 19°C baby! :)

I am so in love with Manila’s weather. I hope it stays this way all year long. #DreamOn

Anyway, I decided to post my old #OOTD which I saw on my hard drive recently. I was supposed to post this right away but I had issues with the lappy back then. And I can’t believe that my bump is still teeny tiny and that was only more than 2 months ago!

So here’s me at 22weeks 1day

Oh bongga! Pa-virgin! Look at that cute bump. I miss that. Hahahahaha! Now the lil’peanut is heavy and big. Oh how fast time flies when you’re a mom. Kaya tama nga sila. Savor every moment. Kasi before you know it, they no longer are your baby…

Ay! Hindi din! Bakit ako?! Baby padin ni Mila. Hahahaha.. Maybe I’ll get a leaf out Mila’s book and make sure that I raise my child to be so close to me. So when the time comes that grow old, they’ll still be all sweet to me. At maka THEY naman daw ako?!! Hahahahaha! She pala! SHE’ll be sweet to me kahit malaki na!

Anyway, I am wearing an old dress here. A personal favorite. And I can’t believe that I was able to use it as maternity. It got a little shorter nga lang pero carry padin. Actually, I can still wear it now and I’m on my 8th month na. Hindi na nga lang sa office coz it has become too short for the Company Dress Code.

So here’s how I wore it last November 2012 (exactly a year before the above picture was taken)…

Parang walang difference no?!

Promise parang wala! Let’s take a look at the November 2013 me again…

Aside from the obvious fact that it got shorter at the front, no difference! Well maybe, I look a little more plump but that’s it! Harhar! And let me mention that I am 22weeks 1day pregnant! I told you I didn’t really gain that much weight  during the first 7 months of my pregnancy. Medyo bumawi lang lately. Hahahaha! But atleast I’ve already maintained my weight so even if I gained a little too much now, balance lang. Actually, I’m still on the lower bracket of the normal weight gain range for my age and height. I just have to mention that here on the blog for all my friends who kept on telling me to quit eating!

Nakakaloka kasi, everytime they see me eating pagsasabihan ako agad. Eh hello?! I have a child to feed who constantly make me hungry. And besides, I monitor my food intake talaga. Unlike other preggy woman out there, I don’t go heavy on the rice. Normal padin like my pre-preggy self. I still maintain the 2-3 cups per day rice. Na medyo lugi pa nga kasi the 1 cup of rice at work is like half a cup only. Ang konti. I just eat more snacks which is what’s advisable coz I have gastritis. So I eat 1 pandesal or 1 small pack of cookies or oatmeal or fruits just to make sure that I don’t get hungry. I also go heavy on water. Medyo nawala lang ako sa wisyo nung December break. Hahahaha! But now I’m back on track.

Dress: Vintage | Gold Sandals: Payless | Pearl Earrings: Vintage | Ring: Divisoria




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