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I know how to cook. I lived with 4 housemates who can’t cook to save their lives.So during those days, I am the one who cooks every single  day. And up until now, I would still receive some random messages from them telling me how much they missed my cooking .

So why am I telling you all this?! It’s because ever since I got back with The Companion, I felt like such a newbie on the cooking department. Yung mga pinagmamalaki ko noon na Sinigang, Pininyahang Manok at Bistek Tagalog - OLATS!

But I’m so glad that I’m with a guy who actually has a passion for cooking. I cook to survive but never really liked the task, but this guy LOVES cooking. To the point na ang pampatulog nya eh ang manood ng cooking videos sa YouTube. :)

And I just have to tell you this, he is sooo good! Ever since the pregnancy, I started to become picky. Eh dati masarap na sa akin ang luto sa mga carinderia. But now, I always find myself hungry but can’t bear to eat anything. At work, I don’t decide what to eat. I just copy what the others are getting. May gusto kasi ako pero hindi ko alam kung ano. And I know I have to eat for my child so kahit ano nalang.

So every day, The Companion would really make sure I eat properly and with gusto. So he’d cook for me.

Special dinner such as this one…

It’s his Chicken In White Sauce. His very own recipe. I was so cranky one evening so he surprised me with this. Ang sarap! And I’m not telling you this because he is the baby-daddy okay?! Talagang masarap sya. Restaurant-levels and the presentation is awesome. Nakakagutom lalo!

He could also turn a simple meal into a bongga one!

Like this Yang Chow Fried Rice and Tinapa.

I want Tinapa for dinner then. The small ones. The one’s that’s hard to eat. Hahahaha! So to make it more special, he prepared Yang Chow fried rice to go with the tinapa and tahdah! Instant sosyal dinner.

I think I really could turn this blog into a full-blown Mommy Blog now. I can tap the companion to do the “How To Cook <blah blah>” . Which I swear you won’t get from me. Hahahahaha!

Hmmmm.. I’d better be extra lambing today and force him to do it for us. Yay!





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