Review: Frozen (2013)

This movie is awesome!!! Promise!

I really didn’t  know that there’s a Disney movie coming up. But all my Social Media sites are buzzing with Frozen. Everyone, apparently is hooked on the movie and it’s soundtrack. So last weekend, The Companion, Sissy and I watched this film.

It’s a story of two sisters – Elsa and Anna. Elsa, the eldest is cursed She could turn everything she touches into ice. Awesome  powers I must say. I won’t go into details anymore and  spoil the fun but it was really really interesting.

I love that this movie is all about sisters. Some say that they can relate to Elsa more (the elder sister with a secret and who run away from home) while the others say they relate more to Anna (the fun-loving, oozing with positivity and innocence). But I can relate to both of them. A part of me understands Elsa, being an elder sister. You really would do everything in your power to protect your younger siblings. While a part of me is so like Anna – I would believe in the goodness of my sister whatever happens and I would like to spend every minute with my sister.

I am so glad  I have a sister. This movie made me realize how lucky I am for having one. I am blessed to have a sister who’ll always stay by my side no matter what. I remember years ago, I had an issue with my parents. A major issue that lasted for months. I had no one. My aunts, some cousins, grandparents and uncles are all judging me. Hating on me. I only have my sister and my Nanay (Mila’s mother). I only have them as my forever kakampi. And my sister never left me. That made us closer even more. And now, I consider her as one of my best friends. The first person I’d share my deepest, darkest secrets. The first person I’d call if I needed anything. Because I know she won’t judge me. She loves me. She had no choice anyway. Harhar!

I really recommend that you guys watch it! And bring your kids if you have any. They’d surely enjoy all the singing!! And oh! It’s soooo funny as well.



P.S.: Still wasn’t able to blog as much. Ugh! Hectic month! I’d try to gear up within this week. I have loads of posts sitting on my drafts. So watch out for that.


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