Trying on the Basics


Wore this to a casual day at the mall. I’m trying to ditch the dresses which I found myself frequently wearing lately for something more, well for the lack of a better term, me.

I miss wearing shorts and tank top. I miss how effortlessly chic they made me feel. So thank heavens I got this Mango tank a size bigger which made it perfect for the baby bump. It’s very roomy and comfy. I liked it very much.

And since i miss wearing blazers with my shorts, I wore this basic cardigan instead. Though not as defined as a blazer, it still gave me the silhouette that I am aiming for. Besides, I need the cardigan to warm me up coz The Companion and I watched a movie that time.

Way before the pregnancy, I have already started to ditch excessorizing. I’ve started to appreciate that you really don’t need to much, just enough to highlight or achieve a specific look. But eversince the pregnancy, I’ve really become a minimalist when it comes to accessories. I’d usually wear huge earrings or just bangles. And that’s it. Must be because I really don’t want anything to get in my way.

Anyway, sorry for the blogging hiatus. Super busy at work and the little peanut has been waking me up too early. Actually so early that I’ve been going to work as early as 7AM!  But I guess it’s okay because atleast I can leave work earlier as well. The traffic is horrible these days!!! Manila has become a huge parking lot. Every road is congested even if it’s not yet rush hour. Christmas is really just around the corner!!

So there. I’m already too sleepy. Promise to give a decent blog post soon. Pag nasa wisyo na ako. Right now, I am half sleeping already.

Ending this post with these photos of the companion. Mukhang tanga lang no?! Ganyan yan sa gitna ng mall. Basta nagpapicture na parang bata!!! Parang dalawa na sila ni baby na aalagaan ko in the future. Haist! But he never fails to make me happy. So I guess okay na din. Atleast hindi boring! Nyahahaha!!

Goodnight everyone!

Much love,



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