Review: Catching Fire (2013)


PLDT FIBR and NUFFNANG invited me and my plus one to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last Thursday night at Shangri-La Mall. And since the sister has been bugging me about Catching Fire since last year, I asked her to be my plus one on this date.

Honestly, I was kinda hesitant to watch this film because Catching Fire is my favorite of the Hunger Games Trilogy. For me that’s the best. I simply can’t put the book down. And so, I embraced myself of the disappointments just incase.

And boy! I was so wrong! I really, really loved the film. So much! I think they gave a good book justice which is like, so rare especially for bookworms like myself. I always get so engrossed and so attached to my books that sometimes, if the movie version sucks, I got so affected. Hahahaha!

It must be because Jennifer Lawrence is really such a great actress. She is. What makes Catching Fire really interesting is the confused but so raw emotions of Katniss. She loves Gale but wanted to protect Peeta. She wanted to help the Districts but she so wanted to protect her family. She’s angry. She’s scared. She want them dead. But she wanna run away from them. And all of those, all those crazy emotions are shown on the film. And Jennifer Lawrence gave Katniss Everdeen the justice it deserves. You could really see the raw emotion just by looking at her eyes. Such a talented young lady she is, not to mention extremely beautiful and hot!

Of course, I must acknowledge Josh Hutcherson’s portrayal of Peeta. My hero. I am forever team Peeta since book 1. And I must say that he did look extra gwapo in this film. Promise! I thought I’d be swooning over Liam Hemsworth like I did on the first film but no! He’s so much hotter now. Hotter than Liam I think. Yay! And he’s also perfect for the role. Such a great actor that guy is. Pure love for Katniss. Just pure love.

And of course, the rest of the cast did their job well. All are great. The execution, the acting, the effects. Everything is just nicely done. Without overdoing anything. I also liked the fact that they stayed on the original plot. I hate it when films do that. Change so much of the plot, only to make it worst. Or omit certain scenes that are crucial. I think they showed everything nicely.

I highly recommend this film. Promise. You would surely enjoy. :)




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