Preggy Momma Secret: Maternity Belt

Took this photo last month. Now the baby bump is twice that size and my fave sandals doesn’t fit me anymore. I think my feet grew half size longer. Whew! I hope it’ll grow a size bigger and won’t shrink back to the original size post pregnancy so it’ll be easier for me to buy shoes!! Yehey!

Top: Bazaar | Skirt: Juicy Couture | Silver Sandals: Payless | Earrings: from Len | Arm Candy: from Len

I keep on telling you guys that I am trying to wear my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. That I am trying to make do of the current items in my closet. You are probably wondering how I was able to wear my denim skirts and shorts and skinny jeans despite the bump. So I’m sharing with you guys my secret…

My very efficient MATERNITY BELT!

Yep! I kept my bottoms secured via this maternity belt. I’d keep them unzipped and hide it with a maternity belt so I could use it longer. Thank heavens that I am not yet packing too much pounds on my legs so I can still wear my pants and shorts comfortably. I hope I won’t gain too much though. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Got this maternity belt in Robinson’s Ermita Department Store. Totally forgot how much. I think a little less than Php 200. So affordable and so useful. It’s the first thing I bought ever since I learned of the pregnancy and I am loving it.





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