Dear Clothes, I miss you.

I’m very sure that moms and future moms out there would agree with me on this – you’d definitely miss your clothes when you’re pregnant! :’(
I’m still on my first trimester. So basically, I am not supposed to be showing those gorgeous baby bumps yet but I’m already donning a slightly bigger frame. Also, since I already have semi-huge bellies way before the pregnancy, it just seem to double now. Dati kasi nagagawa ko sya itago basta mag-inhale lang ako. But now I can’t. Ang sakit mag-inhale eh! So I just allow it to pop. Haaaaaaayyy… So mukha akong 4months preggers. Ang kyot diba?
I’m also on that stage where I can’t fit on most of my tight-fitting clothes. Eh kilala nyo naman ako! Gusto ko sa damit yung masikip at kumakapit. I can’t wear my pants and my shorts and most of my skirts. I am left with leggings and dresses and oversized shirts. Tinatamad tuloy ako mag ayos minsan sa umaga. Add the fact that I have morning sickness pa. So I’d usually hurry up in dressing in the morning para before the morning sickness kicks in, nakaligo na ko at nakabihis para di naman ako masyado ma-late sa office.
My friend who just arrived from the US can’t believe her eyes when she first saw me last Thursday. I was on my oversized sweater and leggings and silver sandals. No make up. Super messy bun. Naloka sya! Hindi daw ako yun!! :’( Ang hirap naman kasi pag nagmamadali sa umaga. Hep! Hep! Hep! I know some of you would tell me that maybe I am having a boy because I am not maarte and blooming. #pamahiin I am just making it clear that I am still VERY maarte. I put make ups during weekends and during my OB-GYN visits. Sadyang wala lang akong time and energy pag may pasok kasi nga I’m having morning sickness at isa yan sa nagpapalungkot sa buhay-buntis ko. Ayoko naman bitbitin yung make up kit ko. Ang bigat kaya nun. And I easily get tired lately.
So thank goodness I still have some pending OOTD posts on my hard drive. Samahan nyo nalang akong balikan ang nakaraan. Yung mga panahong kaya ko pang mag-skinny jeans!
DIY Lola Shirt | Skinny Jeans: Whoops! | Heels: Gibi Collection | Belt: G. Gozum | Arm Party: Divisoria | Ring: Divisoria | Necklace: Random | Hair: Goody Spin Pins
Ayan mga the! Inspiration ko yan para di naman ako lumalon ng bongga while preggers. I am really chubby pre-pregnancy so I won’t allow myself to be super huge while pregnant. Mahirap magpapayat and ayoko naman lumobo. My boyfriend told me that I am not allowed to have stretch marks and to be losyang after giving birth. Baklang yon! Lakas ng loob porket nanonood lang sya. Tse! But that serves as my inspiration. I’ll prove to him and to everyone that even chubby girls like us could do it.
Most of the time kasi, those hot mommies who could maintain their figures are the ones that are actually skinny in the first place. I noticed that chubby girls like me are the ones with the bigger tendency to gain so much weight and never lose them. Pero kaya ko to!!! All for the sake of my kaartehan. But can you please help me??!! Feel free to leave comments on what I’ll do. I’d appreciate it.
Love you dear readers. Enjoy the rainy weekend.


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