Stripes and Whites

Part of my maternity fashion challenge is making sure I maximize my closet full of pre-preggy clothes. Being pregnant is also equivalent to GASTOS. And not just for yourself but most specially for the baby. And when you're a mother, your needs always come in second. Everytime I see cute maternity dresses, I always end up thinking of getting another onesie for the peanut instead of the dress.

So here's another OOTD of mine wearing my old clothes. Funny thing is, I am finding treasures in my closet. Clothes that I haven't worn for some time now (some even years!) but now looked good on me.

This skirt is one of them. A hidden treasure. I got this during my early college days (most probably late high school days). I remember Mila got this one for me and a black one for sissy. I would wear this once in a while but because it's white, I always think it made me look wide. Wider hips is a no-no! The horror!

But now I got to wear them. And I don't know why but it looked oh so good with this striped sweater of mine. I know that horizontal stripes usually makes one look wider but this one really didn't! I actually felt sexier in them. Hmmmm... I think I'm liking this.

Sweater: Thrifted | Skirt: Vintage | White Sandals: Payless

Sorry for the blurred photos and the awkward smile on the first photo! The companion is teasing me again as he took those shots. Ewan ko sa kumag na yun! Trip na trip akong pinipikon!!! Eh love na love ko pa naman ang backdrop ko! I love Ayala Triangle at night talaga. And I can't wait for the light and sound show this Christmas! Waaaahhh... This is my first Christmas with the little peanut, and eventhough dance lang sa tummy ang alam nyang gawin, I'm still oh so excited! Yay!

Have a great weekend guys!! Finally, 2 days worth of rest.




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