Preggy in LBD

You’ve seen this LBD twice in this blog already (here and here). Obviously, it’s a favorite. I love that I can wear it with the ruffles at the back and at the front. It seems like I have 2 LBDs. Versatility at it’s finest!

But this LBD has proven to be MORE than that. I can’t believe that halfway thru my pregnancy, I can still wear it! :)

And it still has that slimming effect on me. Look at that left photo, I can’t believe that I don’t even look preggers there!!

I think the key here is that the dress is actually stretchable. Must. Keep. That. In. Mind. More stretchable LBDs in the future. :)

I added some pearl accessories on my overall look to make it more office-appropriate and to glam it up a bit. By the way, Deadmadela na sa red eyes ko huh. I don’t know why it was like that. :)

LBD: thrifted | Foldable Flats: CMG | Pearl Earrings: vintage | Pearl Necklace: vintage | Pearl Ring: Divisoria

And finally, I wore my favorite ballet flats to complete my look. Yes, I allowed my silver sandals to rest for a while. Nyahahaha! :) But I am missing my heels like crazy!! I think I have to bid them goodbye soon. I can’t run after my toddler with a 5-inch heel right? Tsk!

Anyway, I hope you’re loving my maternity fashion blog posts. And thank you for reading me still even though this blog of mine doesn’t seem to have a theme. Parang baliw lang like the blogger.

I’m so busy lately. Workload is piling up like crazy. I don’t have the energy most of the time. My breasts are sore and my backs are aching. And I’m having tummy issues and the little peanut is doing the usual cartwheels at midnight. But I am sooo happy, I’m ecstatic!


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