Review: The Old Spaghetti House

After our OB visit, the Companion forced me to have dinner after knowing that I only gained 0.3 kilos after 3weeks. Though the OB says its okay and nothing to worry about, the Companion still wont budge.

Companion: Baka kasi Ney hindi ka kumakain ng maayos? Kumain ka kasi ng madami!
Me: Eh hindi nga ko makakain ng madami. Mabilis ako mabusog.
Companion: Akin na nga yan. Ako na nga lang magdadala nyan. Ginugutom mo ata anak ko eh!

Huwaaaaaww!! If only it’s possible, I’d really give him our little peanut so he’d know how difficult it is to be pregnant. Anyway, he still forced me to dine with him kahit na sinasabi kong busog pa ko.

We went to The Old Spaghetti House coz he thought they offer the unlimited pasta. Eh lintek! Mondays-Thursdays lang pala yun. :) Ilang beses nya pa binalikan yung poster pero di nya napansin. Hahahaha!

He was so disappointed but I’m not! I was so happy coz I was able to choose a healthy dinner for the little peanut and I.

Low Carb Taco (Php 155.00)

I opted for Low Carb Taco because I’m not really hungry that time and I was craving for some good tacos for quite some time now. I was glad I choose this because it’s yummy. They used veggies as taco wrap which is perfect coz they had the same crunchiness that a regular taco shell offers. They have generous amount of cheese on their taco and the onion is not overpowering. I hate tacos with too much onion but TOSH’s version has just the right amount of it. The beef has a hint of spiciness in it and full of flavors. I really liked this one.

Pumpkin Soup (Php Php 80.00)

I also ordered a pumpkin soup to warm up my tummy. The pumpkin soup is good. Not too salty and has the right consistency. Even the companion liked this one. :)

Mylene’s Creamy Pinoy Pasta with Garlic Longganisa (Php 185.00)

Because he was so disappointed with the unlimited pasta, he got this instead. He was supposed to get the Carbonarra but the waiter offered Mylene’s Creamy Pinoy Pasta which according to him is a better option. Ayun, pumayag sya not knowing that it has longganisa. Eh he hates longganisa!! Hahahahaha! Nakupo! Ang baba din ata ng EQ ng boyfriend ko, kawawa naman si Peanut. :)

I am one happy girl that night while the companion, not very much. Sabi sa inyo mahirap sya kasama eh! Dapat pumuputok tyan nya sa busog! Nyahahaha! :) I was forcing him to get a pizza pero ayaw na nya. Talagang nadisappoint ng husto sa unlimited pasta na pangarap nya. Bwahahahaha!




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