Review: Man of Steel (2013) and Wacoal Surprise Movie Screening

Last night, I had the privilege of  enjoying Man of Steel for free. Thanks to Wacoal and Nuffnang for sponsoring the free movie screening for Nuffnang bloggers! :)
I joined the Wacoal blogger contest simply because I am a fan of the product. Wacoal is one of the brands I truly trust when it comes to intimate apparel simply because they are awesome. It's always a perfect fit!
And the best thing is that I got to tag the brother with me. Him and I enjoyed the movie as well as the free popcorn and drinks. Complete movie experience it is!
And now on to my Man of Steel review....

This is one of the most anticipated film of the year. We've been waiting for this film since last year so I was really excited upon knowing that the surprise movie c/o Wacoal is Man of Steel. Actually, I even have tickets as early as last week already. Now I got to watch it twice. Will watch again tomorrow with the office mates. It's okay anyway since this is a movie worth watching over and over and over.
Okay, here's a secret - I love Henry Cavill!! Out of all the Superman - fine! between Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh and him, he is the best Superman of all. Simply because he doesn't look like a walking mannequin. Specially Brandon Routh! Mukha syang plastic daba? No likey. Henry (naks! first name basis) however is more masculine. He looks rugged and hot and real. He really is perfect for the role. And to those who says that he doesn't look like the other Superman - that makes him extra special and perfect!!! (blog ko to, ang kumontra panget! :-P)
Of course an all-star cast consisting of Diane Lane, Kevin Cosner and Russell Crowe is unarguably awesome. Those 3 did a great job (like they always do) in portraying as the parents of Superman which are very crucial roles since they are the ones that define Clark's personality and everything. You know the soft side of the superheros.
Amy Adams however is something I am not sure of. Sure she's pretty. And she's an awesome actress and all  but I really don't see Lois Lane in her. No chemistry? I don't know! Well, I'm probably just inggit coz they got a kissing scene. Ahihihi.. But seriously, is it just me or she's not really Lois Lane material?

Anyway, the plot for me awesome. It showed the soft side of Superman. The more "human" side. His weaknesses and his strength. The one thing that would make him want to kill you. That scene where General Zod scared her "earth mom" and that made him super angry. I love that! I mean, he's Superman yes but he's also human. Well, he's as human as every Krypton could.

One thing I'm not sure if I liked though is the action scenes. I keep on describing it as very "dragon ball". Promise! Alam mo yung supersayan na si Goku tapos they'll punch each other while zooming and then crashing on the mountains and all? Exactly like that!

It does makes sense though coz he's Superman and he's fighting other Kryptons who's all super strong but I can't help but wonder if Goku or Gohan is gonna pop out of the big screen with Majinbu in tow. Hahahahaha! I know! Weirdo much.

All in all it was a nice film. I mean, I went to the cinema expecting a different Superman and that's exactly what I got. I also went there because of the dramatish voice over of Kevin Cosner and Russell Crowe on the trailers and Clark Kent sure made me cry. I tried to hide it though coz ze brother is gonna tease me to death.

This one is worth watching. And I can't wait for the 2nd movie and the Justice League!! Way to go Henry Cavill! My hero...


P.S.: My officemate just told me this, something I don't notice before. But she just told me that I'm always in love with the character of the movie I watched. Well not all, but most. And I tend to forget them as soon as the movie ends. Hahahahaha! Is it true??


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