Review: Oblivion (2013)


Never heard of it until a friend asks me out to watch it. :)

It’s a Tom Cruise sci-fi movie that’s set sometime on the 2070’s. It started by telling what happened to earth sometime between 2017-2070’s. We got invaded by aliens, our moon was destroyed, mankind won the war and now they are all migrating to a moon in Jupiter! Whoah!

Jack Harper (TC) and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are like the “clean up” team. They are taking care of the earth while the humans are sucking all the water from earth to be transported to Jupiter. There are still some aliens left on the planet so they have this robot police that sweeps the area. Jack’s memory was swiped but he remembers a certain girl. The girl who turned out to be his wife Julia (Olga Kurylenko).

It was actually a very nice film. Though it may seem boring to some, I find it really interesting. It’s boring coz it’s all narrative at the start. Very limited fight scenes. But loads of whoah and oooohhh on the graphic and the storyline. I find interesting coz it made me think. It made me wonder. It really does transport me to 2070’s where everything is different. Though I am hoping that no alien invasion would happen sometime in 2017. Oh dear! Hindi pa ko ready ma-meet si Kokey! Nyaharhar…

If you want an action-packed film, don’t waste money on this one. But if you want something to ponder on, if you want your mind to work while watching a movie then by all means watch it. And pakisabi sa akin kung sino/ano ba talaga si Sally! Isa lang kasi syang triangle sa end ng movie eh. Hahahahaha!


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