CoverGirl Lip Perfection in 305 Hot Passion (Perfect Red Lipstick for Morena)


I have a confession to make – I have what you call Red Lipstick Addiction. :) Blame my friend Arlene for introducing me to the world of lipstick colors. I have been using my boring Avon lipstick for ages now, you know, that color that only give your lips just enough pinkishness so as not to look too pale. But now, I am all for red lipsticks!! Yay!

I used to think that morenas are not allowed to wear red lipsticks. But now, I beg to disagree! It all boils down to the right color. And CoverGirl’s Lip Perfection in 305 Hot Passion is a perfect example. My sister has darker skin tone than mine and CoverGirl is her new bestfriend. It’s just the perfect red lipstick for morenas. Promise!

CoverGirl Hot Passion is a moisturizing lipstick but is semi-matte. It’s highly pigmented and has blue undertone, thus gave an illusion of a fairer complexion and whiter teeth. I prefer this one better than my Wet N’ Wild Stoplight Red just because it’s a moisturizing lipstick. But they are both long lasting. And both looks great on photos.

It retails at Php395 here in Manila. Very affordable. Specially if you consider the quality of the lipstick. I put lipsticks straight from the tube you see. I’m not a fan of lip brushes and so I love lipsticks that glides easily on the lips and this one is perfect.

They say that this is the “Taylor Swift lipstick”. And I can’t help but give sissy Taylor a pat on the back for wearing this one ALWAYS. :) I also can’t take it off you see.

Them red lipsticks sure made my make up routine much more easier and faster. My BBCream + Light Blush + Red Lips combo is a sure winner. It never fails.


And oh! I ended up hoarding CoverGirl make ups when all I really want is their lippies. I so loving the crème blush now. Will give you a review soon!




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