Of Glitters and Blue


Since I’ve already shown you guys what I wore for New Year, let me show you my look for Christmas Eve. Me, my sister and my dear cousin went to church for the Misa De Gallo. It’s actually some sort of a family tradition. I’ve been attending Misa De Gallo for as long as I can remember and I’m always with my family. This year, my mother opted to hear the mass on the telly at home because we don’t want my dear baby brother to catch a cold. He just had a nasty cough a couple of days back and you know us, when it comes to that little man – we never take risks. His safety and well being is always our top-most priority.


Now on to my look. This gorgeous glittery skirt is actually my current obsession. Well, I’ve been obsessing about it since last month. But, but, but – can you blame me?? They are so so so gorgeous. They’re actually quite old, it just feels new since I had it buried on my closet for years until I re-discover it while I’m cleaning my closet before the holidays. I can’t believe I had hidden for such a long time. Anyway, I’m trying to make up for our lost time and have been wearing this one over and over.

I love the glitters and very light material. Jiucy Couture items are really personal faves of mine. Such classics! This skirt is actually a little lose on me but the belt always do the job. And besides, its always make me happy whenever I wear it and realize that I need belts for them when I used to squeeze into it. Ehem ehem! Pumayat po ako! Hahahaha!

20121224_211556-horzBlack Top: Gap | Skirt: Juicy Couture | Jelly Sandals: Random (very cheap) | Belt: G. Gozum | Starbucks Planner Pouch used as a clutch | Earrings: Divisoria | Ring: Quiapo | Cuff: gift from a friend | Lippies: Victoria’s Secret

Paired this skirt with my black long sleeved tee to neutralize its glam. Dark long sleeved tops really does wonders to my huge arms. I am hoarding this type of tops from now on! Yay!

And of course, just the right accessories does the trick. Some golds and blacks and whites and stones for a look that is perfect for Misa De Gallo. Oh! And I re-used the pouch that came with my 2012 Starbucks planner. I’m now using it as a clutch. It holds my wallet, my phone and my lippies. Love it so much!

I still have tons of backlogs. My Baler and Ilocos trip is still on its way to my blog. Hahahahaha! I am such an efficient blogger. Not!





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