Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang Slumbook! pero MERON, MERON, MERON! (by Witty Will Save The World Co.)


Len and I went to Fully Booked to check out Ramon Bautista’s book but its already out of stock! In fairness ah… So Len ended up checking out the rest of the local books until this one captured her attention.

Len: Ano kaya to? Ang ganda ng cover oh. (May gold kasi kaya maganda, adik sa ginto yung friend ko eh)
Me: Ewan ko. Oi! Witty Will Save the World. May journal nyan.
Len: Bibilhin ko to.

So she went ahead and paid for it. We then headed to a restaurant for dinner. We had a terrible encounter at Kultura earlier that night. So basically lahat kami mainit ang ulo at kapag mainit ang ulo, ang solusyon ay pagkain.

While waiting for our table to be ready, Len sheepishly and not to mention excitedly opened her book.

Len: Ang ganda talaga ng cover no? Ano kaya to.
Me: Hahahahaha.. Adik ka talaga!
Len: Tapos slumbook nga to no? Hihihihi..

*pagbukas ng book*
Len: Yung 350 ko!
Me: Hahahahahahahaha! 350 toooooo!!!
Len: Sana yung libro nalang ni Tado yung binili ko!! (with matching kamot ulo)
So ayun. We were laughing so hard while the rest of the resto is staring at the 2 crazy ladies. Len can’t imagine she purchased a SLUMBOOK! So when Stanley got back I excitedly showed it to him and told him the price.

Stan: Grabe! 350 to! Kung ako yan ibabalik ko talaga yan. Hahahahaha… (reading the contents of the slumbook) Hahahahaha.. Pero nakakatawa. Pero 350?! Ang mahal!! 350 to?! Sayang 350 mo Len!

*He’s chinese so you do the math.*

While both of them are contemplating on the price, I’m having such a great time reading the weird slumbook. Pero kung ako siguro bumili nun malamang switch kme ng nararamdaman ni Len. Ako yung labis na panghihinayang at sya yung wagas ang kaligayahan. Ang di ko gets si Stanley. Hindi naman sya bumili pero hinayang na hinayang sya sa 350 ni Len. 350 padin daw yun! Cuh-raaaaazaaaayy!


This book gave us such a great laugh. Ako nakalimutan ko yung inis sa Kultura. While Len removed the tag price and had me bring it home. Papirmahin ko nalang daw sa Slumbook si Mila baka sakaling sumaya sya. And Stanley still can’t believe Len shed off 350 petot for a slumbook!

But anyway, the fact still remains that the crazy slumbook and the weird questions made us all laugh like crazy lunatics. The next day, I brought it to work and had my officemates sign on it. :) Its super funny. I swear! Let me give you a sneak peek of the questions on the slumbook.


My favorite is that mala-LRT graph of gender. Nowadays, male and female is not enough. Kahit pa isama mo ang bakla at tomboy sa options, not enough pa din. May Bi, Bi-curious, Metrosexual at Halaman na sa options. Yes! Halaman ka daw pag wala kang gender. Hahahaha! Or pag both?!

And that Romantic Status is so funny! A very complicated Venn Diagram talaga? At yung bitter talagang hiwalay! Hahahahahaha.. Its super funny I’m telling you. Witty indeed.

And because of that, I checked out the Witty Will Save The World 2013 “________” Planner which is equally hilarious! In fairness sa kanya, bigla akong nanghinayang at meron na kong Starbux planner. Next year, I’ll get a witty planner promise! Lakas nya makasaya. If you wanna check it out, you may visit their online store here. January palang. Pwede pa humabol sa pagbili. Ako din kaya?!

To give you some sneak peeks of a day on the planner…(image from their multiply account)


Oh diba?! Pag di ka ba naman lumigaya sa mga kalokohang yan ewan ko nalang! :) Try it out guys. And oh! Buy a slumbook too if you want. Its fun answering them and having your friends answer it. Saya super!!


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