Review: Ajisen Ramen


After their short stint at the bowling area and our Enteng Kabisote movie date, Je, her hubby and I decided to have a quick dinner at Ajisen Ramen. Actually, its more of a very late merienda already. We’re supposed to have this sumptuous dinner but after the movie, Erlie, Joie and her boyps as well as Burt all bid goodbye. Anyareh sa dinner?! Hahahaha!


I’m not really hungry because I had popcorn at the cinema so settled for this Spicy Tuna roll. It was actually okay except that it’s a bit too spicy for me. :( And to think I also put wasabi on my dip! Fail! But its yummy. I finished everything actually despite the fact that naluluha na ko sa anghang! Maki, sashimi and sushi are some of my favorites that I wasn’t able to eat much lately because the ex is so not liking it. To say that I miss them is an understatement.


Jerellt got California Maki since she wont eat anything raw. I supposed to get this one (since its my all time favorite) but I decided to be a little adventurous hence the spicy tuna choice. I don’t remember if I was able to try it (you know, uso sa amin yung nangunguha ng pagkain sa plato ng kasama eh) but the fact that I totally forgot all about it is an indication that this dish is something just so-so.


This is what Gwaps had. Obviously, sya lang ang medyo gutom sa amin. :) But he really eats a lot and hot soup are his kryptonite so this one is a given choice. This I am sure I wasn’t able to try. But I plan on going back there one of this days so I could try this one out. But this huge bowl of noodles is good for two so I think I have to look for a date then. Hahahaha!

It’s Friday! Oooopps! Saturday na! Hahahaha.. Anyway whatevs! Just enjoy your weekends guys. I’ll have a busy weekend so goodluck to me. Plus as much as I love the cold weather, this is causing my asthma attack. Noooooooo! But I’d still prefer this cold breeze that we are having than the dreadful heat of summer. January breeze, can you stay till December? :) I love you that miuch!




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